Pattern Four of the Minor Pentatonic Scale

Here is Pattern four of the minor pentatonic scale.

Pattern Four of the A Minor Pentatonic Scale

How do you play pattern four of the minor pentatonic scale? Start with your first finger on the twelfth fret, E note. This would be the one on the left side. Next play G with your fourth finger.

Same fingering for string five notes, A and C.

Then on the fourth string play D and E with fingers one and three.

String three is the same fingering as the fourth string with notes G and A.

Next on string two is a fingering change that starts with your second finger on the C note proceeding to D with the fourth finger.

Finally, the last string is the first string that is played the same as the sixth string with fingers one and four playing E and G notes.

This concludes pattern four of the minor pentatonic scale shape for guitar.

Pattern one:

Pattern two:

Pattern three:

What to do now?

Now that you have the fourth guitar minor pentatonic shape, you should;

  1. Memorize all patterns so far.
  2. Play these patterns up and down the fretboard.
  3. Start trying to use these patterns in your song, or improvise to a favorite song of yours. You can find one in A minor or you can move these patterns up and down to put them in the right key for another song that is not in A minor.

Until next time, Have fun practicing!

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